The day after Pattern 03 (2/2)


πŸ€— The claiming phase has ended. Please now refer to if you want a physical plot.

What about the physical art?

Quick recap of the philosophy announced before the BlockStyle was released:

Decoupling physical art from its digital form: Not all digital NFT collectors also are physical collectors. It is therefore important to allow both to co-exist without having a limitation on any side.

Openness and scalability of physical plotting. The digital NFT have a "SVG" button on hover which allow to download the SVG file (right click, download). The SVG format is a vectorial format that is used to define all the "paths" of drawing. It is the recipe to plots. That way, this is truly scalable and decentralized. Like blockchain is. I am not necessarily the only one that can plot the work physically. It could be you. It could be another artist. This model allows it.

An economy around the digital NFTs? In this decoupled model, 'Pattern 03' digital NFT are the main pivot NFTs at stake. an economy can be built around them. Physical artists can plot them, create & sell on side collection that allows the second market to grow. There are many ways this can be traded: for instance swapping the digital NFT as a currency is a possibility that would be recommended, but so is doing a more regular "selling print as a service"... Ultimately, the physical artist value their own skills, own "touch" – a bit like a baker can sell baguettes with a shared recipe designed by ancestors.

"@greweb 'Pattern 03' plots" collection

A collection "@greweb 'Pattern 03' plots" has been created on OpenSea. It will curate plots that I will start drawing in the coming days.

It's going to be a time-consuming process as a plot takes about 1 hour to perform (depending on settings and complexity of the lines). The physical art is designed to be plotted with fountain pens on A4 water-colour 300g paper and then cut into a 21 by 21 centimeters piece with a 5mm padding (so your art is a 20x20cm square). The planned inks to use are those described by the "Ink" trait (Diamine inks). The digital NFT has simulated a rendering that will be relatively well respected. There is going to be unpredictability when plotting it for real.

Disclaimer: Beware I will likely not be able to plot them all. There are 888 items and it takes an average 1 hour to plot. However, I'll start plotting following a bit this curation decision process:

  • personal favorite picks
  • I will look at Opensea most starred NFTs
  • I will look at Opensea most sold NFTs
  • also if you really want the physical piece. e.g. if you ask me on Discord / Twitter. I can sure take request and add it in the wished list But I can't guarantee it as it would probably takes me 800 hours =)

[EXPIRED] First phase: πŸŽ‰ claim a physical plot before November 1st, 2021

This first phase will ends on November 1st, 2021 for all physical NFTs. The presented offer will only be available during that time. The NFT physical I own after this time will still be owned by me and a second phase will be documented later.

How did it work?

You can claim a physical NFT (created on the collection shared above) as long as you own the digital NFT.

To claim it, you make a small Offer on the NFT physical (pay what you want, e.g. 0.03 WETH – ideally >0.02 to cover the mint cost) so I can verify you are the NFT digital owner & proceed to the NFT transfer of that 'physical NFT'.

You will then get a code to obtain it physically.

How shipping works?

  • The 'physical NFT', once acquires, will have unlockable content with instructions on how to contact me for proceeding to shipping.
  • IMPORTANT: Please use a PO Box or other postal service ( e.g. ). I do not want to know your home address, thanks.
  • On my side, I will use a simple (possibly tracked) letter to ship the 20x20cm art internationally.

second phase

The second phase is done via

As a generative plotter artist, I use code to generate art (creative coding) and physically create it with pen plotters, which is itself a generative process – each physical plot is a unique variant. I love dualities, like digital vs analog physical, abstract vs figurative, orthogonal vs polar, photo vs noise,...