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As always, it's by making a lot of prototypes that we can verify plotting constraints. I take this opportunity to share a series of 7 "reveals" that will show main features of "Plottable Wireframe (8 frames)" – my next plottable generative art on fx(hash) platform.

This will be the first generative plot loop on a generative art marketplace! The concept is that a physical plot of 8 frames on a A4 paper can be animated back into an animation. The digital preview will be nice as well.

This first plot reveals the concept of looping into 3D noise and also show you "flat" areas in that noise, this is a reboot of plots/448 with a better loop animation: the trick was to slide on a cylinder in Perlin 3D (see Twitter thead).

The plot looks like this:

To make it convenient, I've developed my own script and my own tooling to easily make these plot loop for the future!

As a generative plotter artist, I use code to generate art (creative coding) and physically create it with pen plotters, which is itself a generative process – each physical plot is a unique variant. I love dualities, like digital vs analog physical, abstract vs figurative, orthogonal vs polar, photo vs noise,...