/ Plots / 448 "[NFC] Wireframes (8 frames)"

8 frames were plotted live during NFC Lisbon conference on 10 cm square watercolor paper with fountain pen and Fire and ice ink.

Each frames are photographed back and animated to produce a stop motion loop. This is the concept of Plot Loop.

The creative process took a few hours:

  • creative coding on a generative program that generate digital frames
  • physically plotting frame by frame with the plotter (robot) and fountain pen.
  • photograph frames back into a digital video

The final result was created as a 64 editions NFT on Tezos blockchain and gifted to those who registered on the form that was displayed on my stand during the conference 💚 Some extra editions will be put for sale as well.

generative artist who uses code to make art, explores the frontier of abstract art with algorithms pushing forward to more realistic scenery. Explore physical art via 'Plotting', which consist of drawing with fountain pens on robot. I don't do prints, I do plots: Every physical outcome is truly unique!