/ Plots / 384 "#2E294E #541388 #F1E9DA #FFD400 #D90368"

384/ JAN.27 challenge was to use these 5 colors, challenge accepted with fountain pen and actual ink. There are no such very light ink so I have simply dilued a Diamine Earl Grey ink with water. The other inks are Twilight, Imperial Purple, Amber and Hope Pink. (all from Diamine)

These zig zags are useful for testing inks and I may use this technique more in the future. The lines are compressed using x.powf(2.0) where x is in 0.0 -> 1.0 range which makes it more and more dense on the left side and allow to see how the ink is going to saturate.

generative artist who uses code to make art, explores the frontier of abstract art with algorithms pushing forward to more realistic scenery. Explore physical art via 'Plotting', which consist of drawing with fountain pens on robot. I don't do prints, I do plots: Every physical outcome is truly unique!