/ Plots / 315 "Amethyst Storm"

For this #plotparty #4 "Postcard", I've made a fractioned art into 8 pieces of 10x14cm that will be distributed to other plotter artists all over the world.

I've decided to continue digging my #312 exploration, moving now to 3 different inks (Amazing Amethyst, Soft Mint, Bloody Brexit) used at a ratio of 70%, 20%, 10%. Each color get randomly distributed on different spirals, randomness made it that the Amethyst color went on the biggest which is why it's named after that ink.

The plot took about 10 hours to perform on a A3 watercolor paper.

The art piece has been cut into 8 parts to make 8 individual Postcards that will be distributed to other #plotparty artists. This makes it a fractional art piece!

Here is a high resolution (12000x8422) photo of the piece before it was fractioned:

Here are the 2 stops I did between the 3 inks:

And here is a video preview of how it looked at the last plotting hour:

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