/ Plots / 314 "Destructive Storm"

'Destructive Storm' pushes the paper to its limits and lets things 'glitch' as the theme of this #plotparty day. The plot took more than 12 hours to draw, traveled about one kilometer on an A3 watercolor paper. The quantity of inks consumed represents about 2.5 fully-filled fountain pens. This is a continuation of #312 exploration using circle packing and domain warping techniques to make a force field and throw particles in it.

Here are the glitches you can find:

As the paper started to destroy and "wave", it start revealing accidental strokes a bit everywhere

We can also see the paper gets really deteriorated at some places

which left a lot of these paper dusts that I cleaned out

It also ran out of ink on the bottom right, which was accepted as part of the art to create a brighter area.

generative artist. doodling with algorithms (creative coding). shaders & fountain pens robot plotting.