/ Plots / 188 "Rotation (11 frames)"

Every NFT sold allows acquiring a plotted frame. (code in the unlockable content)

@greweb's #10 plot loop. That animation is the main digital art.

A high-quality video is available in 11 NFT editions, one per frame, for buyers to acquire each physical frame.

This work took me a lot of dedication to plot the 11 frames for an (interrupted) one week long! Each frame taking almost 2 hours to plot, you can't really cheat here, I like to think the process to be some sort of Proof Of Plot.

It is getting sold by achetezdelart on OpenSea. Detail is in the description.

Plotting highlights

Making-of and technical notes

It is probably one of the craziest source code I wrote for a plot, notably because I have combined in one script many different techniques, most of them explored earlier in other dedicated plots.

I tried to put in this plot loop my best artwork and recent iterations of color packing experiments.

The work is technically composed of 3 circles rotating in the middle of a lot of circles packing. Each circle contains itself a specific art technique:

  • shape contouring, to remind a bit exploration of plotloop#136
  • square packing, which is a direct reuse of logic of plot#180 with however a unique nesting of squares to create more depth.
  • layered lines in circles, which is an innovation that I'm going to re-explore (starting with next plot#189)

Full picture photos

1 out of 11

2 out of 11

3 out of 11

4 out of 11

5 out of 11

6 out of 11

7 out of 11

8 out of 11

9 out of 11

10 out of 11

11 out of 11

Early prototypes I had!

It was a hard choice to give up on colors and stay on a minimalistic black.

I do not plan to sell these at this stage.

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