/ Plot #136 "White Protozoa (8 frames)"

hicetnunc NFTs

Here is "White Protozoa" my third "plot loop" (see article). The main digital art is a 1920p video loop of 8 frames available as a Tezos hicetnunc NFT. The physical art is 8 frames of A4 size, plotted with white Sakura gen pen on black card paper (210g), and offered when buying the NFT (8 editions, assigned in buy order).

like in plot#135, this is an exploration of domain warping and marching squares algorithms.

The ending of #1 being plotted, speed x5:

If you like bonus, I had considered many different animations, and they are viewable as GIF (digital black on white) on

You can also find the full source code, open sourced as 99% of my work. I essentially have a generator of plot loops and I ran it to generate 500 gif and chose among them! It was very hard to decide!


creative coder experimenting with GLSL shaders, Rust, and fountain pens robot plots. infinite noise explorer.