/ Plots / 121 "Triplanet (16 frames)"

✍️ See also: Plot loops article.

This first plot loop is called "Triplanet". It's a transition of two parametric functions with many perlin noise displacements. This is a continuation of "Planet Holes" series as well as recent "Parametric stack" explorations. Every frame is generated with a Rust script I wrote.

16 frames has been plotted with fountain pen on bristol paper (ink: Red Dragon by Diamine). With a back and forth effect, this produces a 30 frames animation loop.

The animation is released as a NFT video on hicetnunc. There are 16 editions, as many as there were frames plotted. The NFT video is an art in itself.

By buying a frame (by order of buy), the first buyer also chose what happens to the physical plot: either I keep it OR you can claim it (contact me on Twitter) and have me sending it anywhere in the world!

Plotting with fountain pen is challenging as it requires many search on the ink, paper and many fail and retry. Plotting all these frames took an afternoon.

As a generative plotter artist, I use code to generate art (creative coding) and physically create it with pen plotters, which is itself a generative process – each physical plot is a unique variant. I love dualities, like digital vs analog physical, abstract vs figurative, orthogonal vs polar, photo vs noise,...