/ Plots with tag 'order-and-disorder'

These plots has been created as iterative prototypes during the development of "Order and Disorder" generative collection, eventually finalized to be released on an emerging art platform. (more information soon)

'Order and Disorder' collection

Order and Disorder collection explores interaction between simple shapes in various organized and disorganized manner. It starts with a simple square grid that diverges into emergence of patterns using Perlin noises.

Collection combines reference to other work of mine like waves, noise fields, clouds, mountains, moons and polygons boolean operations. This explores the minimalism of achieving figurative work using only very simple primitives like squares and polygons. There is a balance between object packing and object clipping and a search of harmony between shape alignment and collisions. There are different kind of filling techniques as well as many different kind of foreground and background elements that may arise, each having different probability.

While the display is provided digitally with animation effects, it is also greatly appreciated when physically plotted: In fact, each item is physical plottable with pens, designed to be on A3 format.