/ Plots / 615 "Simple Towers 1"

Honk honk!

This quick experiment was written in Rust in ~1 hour as an entry for the "Brutalism" theme of @sableraph's weekly generative art challenge.

Here is a preview of the 140 first generations:

The plotting phase was a live performance streamed on Instagram (@greweb) and using different plotting techniques to trace either with brush or gel pens on different papers.

The shapes remain very basic and minimalistic but it was interesting to experiment with the brush effects on top of these simple shapes.

In total, 5 other plots were made on this generator: next plot.

generative artist who uses code to make art, explores the frontier of abstract art with algorithms pushing forward to more realistic scenery. Explore physical art via 'Plotting', which consist of drawing with fountain pens on robot. I don't do prints, I do plots: Every physical outcome is truly unique!