/ Plots / 491 "73"

This artwork is born from a collaboration with @LeLapinMignon. The generative piece is plotted with a fountain pen robot drawing a 73 meter-long curve on a watercolor gradient and then digitally enhanced. Curious exploration of different mediums, from physical to digital.

Beginning April 2022, I was at NFC Lisbon conference and met with @LeLapinMignon, a French artist who is making "Augmented Watercolour" art work. She gaves me a watercolor gradient base that I could use and experiment using pen plotting techniques.

On Tuesday, April 26th, 2022, a live stream on Twitch happened, where I coded a generative program, curated one result out of many possibilites, and then used the AxiDraw plotter to plot it with a fountain pen filled with Diamine Aurora Borealis ink.

This was a cool experience, interactive with the chat too, and the plotter slowly revealed the creation, tracing one 73-meters-long curve for an hour!

Later on, @LeLapinMignon finalized the work with her Augmented Watercolor magic and produced this mesmerizing result. This was such a cool experiment, I am thrilled by this collaboration and the possibilites of mixing digital and physical art.

generative artist who uses code to make art, explores the frontier of abstract art with algorithms pushing forward to more realistic scenery. Explore physical art via 'Plotting', which consist of drawing with fountain pens on robot. I don't do prints, I do plots: Every physical outcome is truly unique!