/ Plots / 380 "Ink Matrix"


This implements the prompt "Color gradients gone wrong." (JAN.16) for the Genuary event.

I used all my fountain pens and inks at my disposal to plot a matrix of them all. It went wrong because there are some glitches and some ink was a bit saturated (too intense, so it appears black).

Order of inks:

  • Diamine Amber
  • Diamine Pumpkin
  • Diamine Poppy Red
  • Diamine Red Dragon
  • Diamine Crimson
  • Herbin Rouge Grenat
  • Diamine Writer's Blood
  • Diamine Pink
  • Diamine Hope Pink
  • Diamine Imperial Purple
  • Rober Oster Claret
  • Diamine Amazing Amethyst
  • Diamine Sepia
  • Diamine Twilight
  • Diamine Indigo
  • Diamine Bloody Brexit
  • Diamine Sargasso Sea
  • Diamine Turquoise
  • Diamine Aurora Borealis
  • Diamine Teal
  • Rober Oster Fire&Ice
  • Diamine Evergreen
  • Diamine Soft Mint
  • Diamine Sherwood Green
  • Diamine Earl Grey
  • Diamine Onyx Black
  • Diamine Noir Waterman
  • Diamine Parker Quink
generative artist who uses code to make art, explores the frontier of abstract art with algorithms pushing forward to more realistic scenery. Explore physical art via 'Plotting', which consist of drawing with fountain pens on robot. I don't do prints, I do plots: Every physical outcome is truly unique!