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hicetnunc NFTs

Here is "Ring of faces" my 8th "plot loop" (see article). The main digital art is a 1920p video loop of 8 frames available as a Tezos hicetnunc NFT. The physical art is 8 frames of A4 size, plotted with a black fountain pen on 300 g/m2 grain paper, and offered when buying the NFT (8 editions, assigned in buy order).

The name 'Ring of faces' refers to generating different silhouettes of faces from pure noise. The work involved here is purely generative art (nothing draw manually). I had a selection phase where I chose this one among 100 results.

I like these eight plots series because there are many unique faces here. You can even imagine faces in the inner area. That is purely a reflection of your own imagination.

I also played a lot with this duality to put twice the art in inversed coloring filling mode as well as having a rotation. The animation between the two tiles is offset exactly by 50% while also allowing a good variety and similarity when you buy one specific frame.

I used a high grain paper this time which works well with the cross-hatching filling method used, also thanks to a not too crowded area. I usually would avoid such paper for fountain pens that can "bleed" too much on it. It's time to do it more in the future!

The general animation is inspired by a shader I wrote

The effect called 'Apophenia' is, in this case, our ability to recognize a face silhouette in pure noise.

I see these different silhouettes:

  • an indigenous face
  • Churchill
  • a bearded man
  • a woman

Go figure why.

As a generative plotter artist, I use code to create art (creative coding), draw with fountain pens on robots (plotting), and explore the boundaries of abstract art using algorithms in pursuit of increasingly realistic imagery. I do not produce prints; instead, I create unique 'plots' - physical works of art that are truly one-of-a-kind.