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hicetnunc NFTs

Here is "Spring", my 6th plot loop (see article). The main digital art is a 1920p video loop of 8 frames available as a Tezos hicetnunc NFT. The physical art are the 8 frames, plotted with 2 fountain pens on Bristol A4 paper (250g), and offered when buying the NFT.

There are 8 plots available for sale and there will be no other editions of these plot loop frames. They all have the same inital price and the physical piece is selected in order of buy as each frame is relatively similar!

Closer look

The ink "Bloody Brexit" from Diamine have particularity to have coppery color reflections.

Making off

Here is a video of the plot, accelerated 5x.

Before that result, I had many iterations and 3 prototypes where I adjusted many parameters each time:

I also had this failure: (forgot to attach the paper!)

As a generative plotter artist, I use code to create art (creative coding), draw with fountain pens on robots (plotting), and explore the boundaries of abstract art using algorithms in pursuit of increasingly realistic imagery. I do not produce prints; instead, I create unique 'plots' - physical works of art that are truly one-of-a-kind.