/ Plot #152 "Warp Glitch 01"


This is a fresh experimentation of noise domain warping with glitches. As many of my previous plots, this is a 2-pass spiral parametric function, displaced with perlin noise warpped into each other (see "domain warping"). The spiral ends up being unstable and "breaks apart" with intentional glitches: the line is stopped as soon as two datapoints are to far from each other, as a spiral get bigger and bigger it inevitably ending up breaking apart completely in various places which combined with the parametric function makes some sort of humanoïd shape!

I sent some video while it was getting plotted. It started from the middle and the beginning is quite interesting and could itself be made a standalone. All of these are very exploratory and may be revisited later!

Gaëtan Renaudeau (greweb). French developer at Ledger. creative coder experimenting with GLSL shaders, Rust, and fountain pens robot plots. infinite noise explorer.