/ Plots / 1282 "FROST (2)"

This implements "A local cellular model for snow crystal growth" paper by Clifford A. Reiter (2004) in Rust language, and renders it as a physical pen plot.

This cellular automaton is so chaotic that the generator will run multiple simulations in parallel and select one to be chose.

I have refined the original cellular automaton with some local effects that will make the propagation varies (using a perlin noise) and will also spawn at random locations.

The rendering is using my "worms filling" technique that allows to fill the space with strokes, in a manner that also contributes to the frost visual effect.

I've been having so much fun exploring this algorithm, which isn't so complex but yield very interesting patterns.

As a generative plotter artist, I use code to generate art (creative coding) and physically create it with pen plotters, which is itself a generative process – each physical plot is a unique variant. I love dualities, like digital vs analog physical, abstract vs figurative, orthogonal vs polar, photo vs noise,...