/ Plot #116 "Triangle planet"

Exploration of perlin noise triangle planets. various fountain pen on A4 bristol.

These are taking almost one hour to plot, with 2 passes of 2 different spirals. Each spiral varies a bit with different offset and displacement noise which creates a desired effect of bolder areas, caveats and craters.

The displacement noise is a simple perlin noise, only one harmony is used but the noise is split into two 2 different perlin noises: the angle noise (like a vector field, different angle of displacement) and the amplitude noise (how much does the displacement move the point).

The triangle is made with a parametric function, reusing technique explored on plot#114. There is an important effort on finding a good balance between noise and distribution of lines (it's not linear, it's closer on edges).

Gaëtan Renaudeau (greweb). French developer at Ledger. creative coder experimenting with GLSL shaders, Rust, and fountain pens robot plots. infinite noise explorer.