/ Plots / 1138 "Imaginary aphantasic portrait"

This week, we celebrate #plotparty, which is a internet challenge in pen plotting community consisting of 5 consecutive days of themes.

For June 12, 'Portrait' is the theme. I decided to reboot some code from plots#906 and combine it again with my AI portrait used in plots#839.

The image was generated by AI using mid journey and trying to describe myself (an artist with a hat and glasses) as I wanted to indirectly try to represent myself, making the result unpredictible and blurry in the first place.

Then, that image is used as a lookup, vectorized with generative code placing random squares. each square is made with zig zag lines that can be physically plotted.

As i myself struggle with aphantasia, i wanted to represent how it's like not to visualize (even tho my mind's eye is actually full black)

As a generative plotter artist, I use code to generate art (creative coding) and physically create it with pen plotters, which is itself a generative process – each physical plot is a unique variant. I love dualities, like digital vs analog physical, abstract vs figurative, orthogonal vs polar, photo vs noise,...