/ GNSP Collection

2048 items NFT collection, one per unique word in the BIP39 wordlist. GNSP is short for Generative Nano S+ – Ledger's new hardware wallet – which this collection is celebrating. There are rarity aspects in the colors, background, animations and swivel engraved content.

Using a hardware wallet is important to secure your crypto and secure your NFTs and making a NFT collection about it was for me a way to share this importance.


The NFTs are available on Polygon blockchain and has been initially distributed as Christmas gift to Ledger people. The rest of the collection is going to be released in a second phase on this website. Stay tuned! (@greweb)

The collection is available onOpenSea but not everything has been minted yet!

More content will be shared later

This was a great technical journey to work on this collection. Source code will be shared as well as many technical challenges of this generative art work.