Same Game Gravity for iPad, iPhone, Android, Facebook, Chrome, and Web!


see also Same Game Gravity Technical Notes.

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Same Game Gravity is today available on iPad, iPhone, Android, Web, Facebook Apps and Chrome Web Store.

Un principe simple remis au goût du jour. Trés bon!! (bobylito)

Great twist (excuse the pun) on the “same” game! (mrspeaker)

A fresh spin on Same Game the use of gravity is pretty clever. (erwan)

Same Game Gravity is a mind-bending ball removal puzzle game where you try to remove all of the balls from the board. Balls can only be removed when they are grouped with more balls of the same color. The balls are influenced by gravity. On mobile, you change gravity by rotating your mobile, on desktop you have arrows.

The game gravity

Rotate your device to apply gravity and change balls arrangement!

gravity example

A pioneering scores system based on social networks

Players share their scores through Twitter or directly from the game (for the Facebook version). The user name and the avatar are directly taken from these social networks. You can easily compare your scores and contact other players with social networks!

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